Jessica Medium Astrologer Psychic Intuitive health angel and guide communicator
Jessica can connect with your spirit guides, loved ones, pets, and your higher self. She can scan your health and recommend herbs for healing, healthy habits specific to your body needs, and how best to self-care. She knows your feelings, gifts, opportunities, and struggles. She can help you unlock your past to move forward into your most authentic future. She can help adjust your energy, see your aura, and offer ways to heighten your glow and functionality. When it comes to relationships, she can help check the temperature and growth opportunities, along with the current state you are in. 
Being a Certified Astrologer, she can pull your astrological chart to release all areas of your life and the timelines forward. She can see your best career options, the timing of finding your love, the development of relationships, the home you are seeking, and so much more. Our charts are just another language put here for us to decipher and learn from.
You can add onto any of your readings to have Jessica design a custom blended tea just for you. Your specific needs. To help each day be your fullest. Breaking through barriers and moving past blockages to experience optimal growth. This is for physical, spiritual, and mental areas of our lives we need a little help with to be our healthiest version of ourselves. You can learn more about her Astrology and Herbology at www.rabbitspantry.com or her Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube pages (all at Rabbit’s Pantry).
Jessica can connect with your higher self, guides, and others around this realm and extended ones, to guide you on your journey through this life to help develop and grow your highest purpose. This is possible in areas of health, relationships, career, and what you were put here to do in this life. She can suggest what paths might be on your journey, giving you the freedom of choice to take which path suites you now and best. She can also introduce you to opening a relationship with your guides so you can work together fulfilling your higher purpose.
Often Jessica has passed ones come to her for assistance. They are looking for closure, to send a message to loved ones, or to simply work on themselves. She can connect with your loved ones to help both of you in these areas. This is done through telepathic conversations, feelings, and symbols, your loved one offers, to help translate their message to you. You can request a loved one, or simply ask who is present for you. Within a moment, you will start to receive messages from them through Jessica.
Jessica has been able to experience this her whole life and now is opening it up for the world to gain understanding, closure, and magnificent growth.
Throughout the year Jessica offers classes available to enhance and open your skills in these areas along with becoming certified as an astrologer. Keep your eyes open as she fills up fast and often closes registration after a few days.
All appointments are through zoom and recorded for you to keep. Astrology appointments come with a copy of your chart as well. Custom herb orders will be recorded so you can simply reorder what you already love or step into your next blend to continue developing.
To stay current and learn more, make sure you like and follow her on Instagram and Tiktok. Jessica moves fast and is always up to something, so plug in and stay tuned.