“Driven by a knowing. A knowing there was more...


If everything was designed with intent, to work in unity and flow…then shouldn’t we explore the opportunities and grow.


We all have a purpose and not one of us is the same. Everything is here for a reason


Broken, lonely and tired. I was looking at my life ending, and not for the first time.  My days filled driven by working very hard to financially support my family and still taking care of their needs all day. I was empty.  Starving for understanding.  Continuing to get physically sick and taking a toll on my mental health. I was doing it all and winning.  Until finally I became so sick and my life fell apart.

I got trapped. Sucked into what society told me to be and living a life detached from my authentic self.

I was lost, ignored, and rejected by me! I had no idea who I was, how I got there, or how to get out. To heal, I had to find me.

I embarked on what I thought would be quickly fixed and go back to my role…

Starting with healing herbs, moving to a deeper mind body connection through yoga and meditations, and diving into beliefs, practices, and cultures all around the world, seeking to fill my starving spirit.

What I found, wasn’t healing…What I found wasn’t just learning body movements through yoga…It wasn’t even my medicinal tea company. It blew my mind what I actually found.

What I found was the most amazing life I could have never imagined.  Your journey might not be the same as mine.  Your revelations and discoveries are all going to be different.  But you only find it through seeking your own answers.

These are all pieces of my life I now give to you.  The opportunity to discover who you are, the gifts and talents given to you when your soul formed and the opportunity to grow into your own amazing life. A life you never could have imagined. 

It’s all right here for you.  Come with us on this amazing Journey!”